Important: Please backup your datadir and wallet before upgrading.

We have a new release for Bitflate Core client, v0.20.2. This release is a step ahead of Bitcoin Core client. It includes the pchMessageStart fix. This fix prevents Bitflate Core clients from connecting to Bitcoin Core clients. You can see Bitcoin Core v0.20.1 release notes for changes:

Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 Release Notes

You can download Bitflate binaries here:

Bitflate 0.20.2

Important: This release requires a reindex of your local blockchain. Please backup before running reindex.

# addnode s1 seed and reindex
./bin/bitflated -addnode= -reindex

Bitflate network currently has two seed nodes:

  • (
  • (

After extracting the binaries, you can run the software with the below following commands.

For mainnet:


In this version, fallbackfee is set to 0 by default. In order to enable it, you’d need to run the client with -fallbackfee=0.0002.

For testnet:

./bin/bitflated -testnet
./bin/bitflate-qt -testnet

If your client has trouble finding nodes, use -addnode= argument.

# addnode s1 seed
./bin/bitflated -addnode=

Bitflate comes with bitflate-cli, it has the same capability as bitcoin-cli. For brevity, please refer to bitcoin-cli documentation on how to use it.