Important: Please backup your datadir and wallet before upgrading

We have a new release for Bitflate Core client.

For other notable changes in v0.20.0, see Bitcoin Core release notes:

Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 Release Notes

You can download Bitflate binaries here:

Bitflate 0.20.0

Bitflate network currently has two seed nodes:

  • (
  • (

After extracting the binaries, you can run the software with the below following commands.

For mainnet:


In this version, fallbackfee is set to 0 by default. In order to enable it, you’d need to run the client with -fallbackfee=0.0002.

For testnet:

./bin/bitflated -testnet
./bin/bitflate-qt -testnet

If your client has trouble finding nodes, use -addnode= argument.

# addnode s1 seed
./bin/bitflated -addnode=

Bitflate comes with bitflate-cli, it has the same capability as bitcoin-cli. For brevity, please refer to bitcoin-cli documentation on how to use it.