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Hire Talent With Skills You Need

Source talent at scale through BitDegree TAP with a tailored digital marketing campaign for your opening, and assess your prospects’ skills, so you interview only the best.

BitDegree Talent Acquisition Platform BitDegree Talent Acquisition Platform

A full-scale candidate sourcing platform

Learners often get discouraged when the topics they choose turn out to be too difficult for them. With our learning paths, you will be able to start with the basic principles, only slowly moving towards more advanced topics.

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An engaging and innovative way to hire

Job search is an annoying process people hate. Reach candidates through education - in a fun and deeply engaging way.

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Unified candidate skill testing

Automated skills assessment saves your time, so you interview only the best candidates.

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Motivated new hires

Filter out those who send their CVs out in batches. Your candidates will take the time for an assessment and/or participating in an online course.

Hire Talent with BitDegree TAP in 4 Easy Steps

1. Define the job & the matching course

Select the position you want to recruit for and a ready-made course teaching the skill, or develop a specific course with us.

Person defining the course
Campaign specification

2. Specify the campaign

Set the budget, knowledge assessment threshold, target locations and give a brief of ideal candidate profile.

3. Let BitDegree take over

We prepare all marketing collateral, run the digital campaign, and engage talent to help you select the best ones for your organization.

BitDegree helps companies
Company welcomes new employee

4. Welcome your new Hire

Process the already pre-qualified recruitment leads, and fill in the talent gap in your organization in no time.






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